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Brandy's II
Location: 1126 Main Street


approx. April 2007

Male/ female
Bar/ social: Country/ Leather/ Levi


Brandy's II was considered a Green Bay country/leather/levi bar when it opened in 1989. (It was preceeded by "Brandy's", at 409 S. Washington Street.)

The bar closed for a time in 1992, then reopened under new owner Terry in November 1992. (IS SO 9-22)

Brandy's II closed around April-May, 2007.

Ownership history (approximate):

  • Jerry Hoffman, 1989-92
  • Terry Tetzlaff, 1992-98?
  • Rodney Schroeder, 1998-2002?
  • Daniel, 2002-close

    More information about this business is welcome from anyone who can contribute same.


    Advertisement in Green Apple
    Vol. 1 no. 3 / Sept.-Oct. 1993

    Photo from Mr. Northeastern Leather Pageant
    Quest vol. 4 no. 13 / August 1997

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