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Club Icon
Location: 6305 120th St.


April 2006

Male/ female
Bar/ dance club

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For 21 years, Club 94 was THE dance bar in southweastern Wisconsin (outside of Milwaukee), with no competition from Racine bars (which were typically smaller neighborhood-type bars). Located most of that time at Highway C exit of I-94, in 2003 the business was moved north to this location to become Club 94-North, under the same owner.

Late in 2005, the longtime owner of Club 94 sold the bar; it remained open under the old name until April 2006, when a "Grand Opening" party was held for the newly renamed Club Icon.

    Bar banner, Tuesday specials
    June 2006
    Bar banner, Wednesday specials
    June 2006

    Two patrons relax on the patio with a drink
    June 2006
    Club Icon owner Clint (right) in the Harbor Room bar, Milwaukee, circa 2009
    (photo by Jamie Taylor)

Club Icon building
right after name change, June 2006

Club Icon building
June 2006

Club Icon building
June 2006

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