History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Wisconsin - Businesses - Bars and Clubs

Crossroads Bar
Location: 1042 W. Wisconsin Ave.


spring 2007

Female/ Male
Bar/ social



The Crossroads was opened in Appleton in 2000 by two lesbian lovers, Lori Locy and Karen Davis. The bar was fairly large in size: one very large room, with a long bar along most of the east wall, and plenty of space for a wide section of video games and tables, and a large-screen TV for Packer and other games. It was relatively popular, especially in lesbian circles, and also had a good patronage by some straight people.

When Appleton passed a smoking ban in bars, business began to decline. The bar was closed for several weeks in July-August 2006 and rumors where that a sale was in the offing; but the bar reopened around August 21, 2006. However, sometime in the spring of 2007 the bar closed for good. The building was torn down in mid-2007.


Photo of the building mid-2006

Photo of the building mid-2006

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