History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Wisconsin - Businesses - Bars and Clubs

Diversions Bar
Location: 1413 Green Valley Road
(just off I-43)



Male/ female
Bar/ dance club


Diversions was briefly reigning dance bar in the Fox Valley area. Opene by owner Darlene, and located on the frontage road just west of I-43 and south of the Breezewood Lane exit, Diversions was a large and roomy bar. In addition to a bar area inside the main entrance, during later hours a door to the rear would open into a large dance floor; and a back patio was availabe in good weather as well. But the main focus was the dance floor: it rivaled the Pivot Club in size and attraction, and for a year or two was THE place to be on a Friday or Saturday night.

Diversions closed somewhat abruptly, for unknown reasons. Any additional information is available from anyone willing to contribute it.


View of front of building,
March 2005

Credits: bar history by Don Schwamb.
Last updated: July-2006.