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Down Under
Location: 787 N Losey Blvd., La Crosse



Male/ Female
Bar/ social



The May 1977 issue of GPU News contained a full page article and photo, "Down Under Bar is Born in La Crosse". The article mentioned that bar's first annual gay extravaganza, held April 1st-3rd. The weekend, entitled "A Bar Is Born", was planned and directed by owner Patrick Trussoni and manager Joshua Oliver. Located about midway between Chicago and Minneapolis, the festivities were planned as a means of introducing gay talent from the Chicago area to the upper Wisconsin and Minneapolis areas. According to the article, over on thousand people were in attendance over the course of the weekend.

But the bar's success was very short-lived. The bar was gutted by fire on the last Sunday of April-- barely 3 weeks after its extravaganza weekend. According to the June issue of GPU News, "A recently installed dance floor, a beer garden, and the upper floor and bar were destroyed".

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Article/ advertisement
(GPU News, May 1977)

Down Under bar burns
(GPU News, June 1977)

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