History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Businesses - Bars and Clubs

Nut Hut
-aka- Kathy's Nut Hut
Location: 1500 W. Scott Street



Female/ male
Bar/ social



Kathy's Nut Hut, widely known as The Nut Hut, was opened approximately 1980 by (who else) Kathy.

The bar had its informal beginning as a lesbian bar in 1979, when Sharon Dixon opened a new neighborhood bar, Shorty's Party Room, on 15th and Scott. She wasn't sure what kind of place it would become, but she knew it would become something, because it immediately attracted a loyal following. After a year, Sharon subleased the business to someone else; and soon after, it became Kathy's Nut Hut.

Long quasi-gay (with a wide lesbian clientele), the bar "officially" was pronounced by the owner as a lesbian/ gay bar late in 1992, when it began advertising in In Step magazine. (InStep magazine, vol 9- no. 25)

Kathy owned the bar for about 22 years, until selling it to Michelle in about 2002. Michelle continued to operate the bar, then known simply as The Nut Hut, as an openly lesbian/gay bar, with a sizeable regular clientele and good relations in the neighborhood. The popular woman's bar ended its 34-year run in 2014.


Mention in the column "Steppin' Out",
In Step magazine,
December 1992 (vol. 9 no. 25)

Advertisement, December 1992

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