History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Wisconsin - Businesses - Bars and Clubs

Phaze II
Location: 117 W. Main St.



Male/ female
Bar/ dance club



The Phaze II bar was a popular dance bar downtown Madison, just a block off of Capitol square. They celebrated their 8th anniversary in 1993.

Three other bars followed in what may have been the same location, although the address appears to be slightly different. At 121 W. Main St., Kirby's Klub was open from 1998-99; Scandals from about 1999-2000 (named because the previous club was abruptly changed because of rumors of someone running off with all its cash assets); and the Rainbow Room from 2000-04.

The Shamrock bar nearby survived for about 20 years at their location, far outliving all of these bars.


8th Anniversary, August 1993
In Step, vol. 10 issue 16

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