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Sherlock's Home
Location: 733 Pennsylvania, Sheboygan



Male/ Female
Bar/ social



Sherlock's Home, owned and operated by Gordy Bourret, opened in 1980, in the German-styled rathskellar tavern building which has occupied the corner of South 8th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue in Sheboygan for over 70 years. Gordy purchased the tavern/restaurant which was formerly known as Rosenthal's Ye Olde Inn.

Although it was Gordy's original intent for Sherlock's Home to be operated as a straight pub and grill, the clientele of the establishment began to change and the bar became known in Sheboygan as "that place where the gays hang out."

During its 20-year run, Sherlock's Home became home for many of the gay men and lesbians who lived in the Sheboygan area. Weekend nights were, generally, the busiest nights at the Sherlock's Home. It was not unusual to see people from Fond du Lac, Manitowoc, West Bend, and Port Washington at Sherlock's Home as the bar had developed a reputation as an alternate destination for those who didn't want to travel to Green Bay or Milwaukee for a night out on the town.

In 2000, Gordy decided to sell Sherlock's Home and retire. Gordy eventually left Sheboygan, moving to Hartford, WI. He lived there until his death in July 2009.

(Webmaster's note: It is difficult to substantiate how long Sherlock's Home could actually be considered a "gay bar". It was listed in Wisconsin-based LGBT publication bar guides from about Sept. 1983, in RAGG, to 1995.)


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