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Milwaukee PrideFest - 2014
- At A Glance -

June 6-8, 2014


Henry W. Maier Festival Park




Friday: Bruce Vilanch, Chad Michaels, Cazwell
Saturday: Macy Gray
Sunday: Lisa Lampanelli, Sandra Bernhard


PrideFest Medals Awarded:

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The 2014 PrideFest saw warm weather throughout the weekend, with no rain. Attendance saw a slight increase from the previous year.

Headline acts for the weekend were: Friday: ; Saturday: ; Sunday: .

Statistics (Note: Attendance figure above is official total attendance; numbers below are turnstile only and do not necessarily total to official count.)

Day Turnstile Attendance Mean Temp High Temp Humidity Precip Weather Conditions
Fri 6/6 68 77 50 Partly cloudy
Sat 6/7 66 78 55 Trace 10:00pm Mostly cloudy/ Overcast
Sun 6/8 59 64 65 Scattered clouds



PrideFest Schedule

Friday & Saturday schedule
Quest Magazine, June 2014, pgs. 14-15
Sunday schedule

Articles, ads

Quest Magazine cover
Inside cover, PrideFest ad


Sandra Bernhard interview
Quest Magazine, June 2014, pgs. 4-5
Lisa Lamanelli interview
Quest Magazine, June 2014, pg. 6

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