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Milwaukee PrideFest - 2015
- At A Glance -

June 5-7, 2015


Henry W. Maier Festival Park




Friday: Alex Newell
Saturday: Ani DiFranco
Sunday: Ty Herndon, and En Vogue


Health and Wellness area moved to south end of expanded PrideFest grounds

PrideFest Medals Awarded:

Washington Heights Rainbow Association
Gender Queer Milwaukee
Don Schwamb, volunteer of year

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The 2015 PrideFest saw cool to cold wind off the lake on Friday. Saturday had similar temperatures but felt much more mild as the wind had shifted. Sunday was warm and humid; there was a brief (20 minute) downpour of rain between 6:30 and 7:00pm, but then it cleared up for a gorgeous evening close. Attendance saw a slight increase from the previous year.

Headline acts for the weekend were: Friday: Alex Newell; Saturday: Ani DiFranco (preceded by fireworks); Sunday: Ty Herndon and En Vogue.

Statistics (Note: Attendance figure above is official total attendance; numbers below are turnstile only and do not necessarily total to official count.)

Day Turnstile Attendance Mean Temp High Temp Humidity Precip Weather Conditions
Fri 6/5 57 64 86 Partly cloudy, cool wind gusts 23mph off lake
Sat 6/6 55 63 69 Scattered clouds
Sun 6/7 67 82 75 .03" 7pm Mostly cloudy/ Overcast. Brief (20 min) downpour then clear



PrideFest Schedule

Friday schedule
Quest Magazine, June 2015, pgs. 11-13
Saturday schedule
Sunday schedule

Articles, ads

Quest Magazine cover
Back cover, PrideFest ad
PrideFest Medals awarded
Quest Magazine, June 2015, pg. 7



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