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Pride Guide 1999- Excerpts
PrideFest 1999 -- August 6-8, 1999
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General Information
(page 3)
(page 5)
PrideFest's economic impact on the local community
(page 6)
Pride Flags take to the streets
(page 14)
Friday entertainment lineup
(page 18)
Photos from PrideFest 1998
(page 20)
Advertisement: The Chanticleer Guest House, Door County
(page 21)
Saturday entertainment lineup
(page 22)
Saturday entertainment lineup, cont.
(page 28)
Saturday entertainment lineup, cont.
(page 36)
Advertisement: Damron Travel Guides
(page 37)

Sunday entertainment lineup
(page 42)
Sunday entertainment lineup, cont.
(page 44)

Pride Parade
(page 54)
PrideFest Awards
(page 56)
PrideFest Awards, cont.
(page 58)
PrideFest Awards, cont.
(page 62)
(page 68)
(page 69)
(page 75)
(page 76)

(page 77)
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